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Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver


Various codes

During gameplay, press ESC and enter the codes

1324Activate cheats
724451124Aerial reaver
34226443Constrict Ability
4424582Fire Glyph
342431623Fire reaver
31534Force glyph
126121Force projectile
16443Hurt Raziel
76251124Kain reaver
52364Make fire reaver
263434Max health
5232451Max magix
3661254Pass through barriers
364141Refill health
221523Refill magic
4432216213Shift at any time
35822331532Soul reaver
2236443Sound glyph
3641322Stone glyph
16122441Sunlight Glyph
4632614Swim ability
271543Upgrade health to next level
538245Wall climbing
36432Water glyph

Contributed By: Robbie Kennedy.