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Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance


Hack Flyable Ships

In the X-Wing Alliance File under Lucasarts, find the text file ''SHIPLIST'' and change ''Non flyable'' on any capitol or unflyable ship to ''Flyable''. This will allow you to fly any ship, even the Super Star Destroyer, in the Combat Simulator.

Contributed By: Obsidian TK.

Easter Eggs

Get all missions and medals

Create a new pilot called FongFong.

Start the game up, and then exit from the game.

Go to the game directory which is typically C:\Program Files\LucasArts\XWingAlliance<p />And find the file


Delete it.

Start the game again, this time all the missions will be unlocked from the game, and playable in the simulator, as well as all the cutscenes made available, AND all the awards will be in your characters room in the game.

It looks like it was some sort of easter egg along the same lines as the ace.plt files in the Xwing Collectors edition game.

Contributed By: GreyLord.