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Worms Armageddon


Training Cheats

SheepAqua Sheep
BasicBlood Mode
Crazy CratesSheep Heaven
Artillery RangeSuper Grenade
EuthanasiaSuper Longbow
Rifle RangeSuper Shotgun

Contributed By: brado997.


Full Wormage

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get elite in deathmatch and get gold on all the missions and training.Full Wormage

Contributed By: brado997.

Invincible Worms

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get the elite rank in deathmatch mode.Invincible Worms

Contributed By: Evil NinJi.

Mission Cheats

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get Silver or Gold on mission 33Banana Bomb
Get Silver or Gold on mission 13Fast Walk
Get Silver or Gold on mission 25Indestructable Landscape
Get Silver or Gold on mission 16Invisibility
Get Silver or Gold on mission 8Jet Pack
Get Silver or Gold on mission 4Laser Sight
Get Silver or Gold on mission 20Low Gravity

Contributed By: viihdemedia.

Training Mode Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Earn gold medal in Crazy Crates training modeAll weapon crates have sheep
Earn gold medal in Super Sheep Race training modeAqua Sheep
Earn gold medal in Artillery Range training modeGrenade power up
Earn gold medal in Euthanasia training modeLongbow power up
Earn gold medal in Rifle Range training modeShotgun power up
Earn gold medal in Basic training modeWorms bleed when shot

Contributed By: freakunique.


Any Weapon In Training or Mission

Open your Worms folder, then go into the Mission folder. Right click on any one of the missions and open with notepad. Press ctrl + f to find "human team". Near there you will see the weapons setup, it will appear like this: "Weapon=Quantity". Enter a weapon and a quantity (-1 is infinite), and when you go to that mission you will have the specified quantity of the weapon you chose.

Contributed By: Opanokdu.

Weapons in cheat menu

To earn the weapons in the cheat menu you can edit the amount of time you have in a training mission, allowing you to earn a gold medal in that mission and unlocking a new weapon.
Open your worms directory and enter the Mission directory located in the Data directory.
Open the Training##.wam files using a text editor and under [options] locate the TurnTime=## field. Instead of the number specified there enter a larger number for example:120 and when you play the right training mission your timer will be increased.

Contributed By: Ido Skira.