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Dungeon Keeper 2


Cheat Codes

In order to enter the following codes, press CTRL + ALT + C, and you will hear the sound of a creaking door. Now you can enter one of the codes below for the desired effect.

ha ha thisaway ha ha thataway100,000 Mana
feel the powerAdvance all monsters' skill to 10.
do not fear the reaperAutomatically Win Level
This is my churchEnable All Rooms
Fit the BestEnable All Traps and Rooms
i believe its magicGet All Spells
show me the moneyGet Money
now the rain has goneShow the Map

Contributed By: Jihad, SMOLDAR, Daveo, and Flexible Bullet.


Trap planting glitch

Make a trap and place it where ever you want, just after the imp takes the trap from the workshop and just before he puts it down at the location, sell the trap. The imp will then drop the trap to be re-used as many times as you like.

Contributed By: neobros.

Easter Eggs

Greets I

Press and hold down Left-Shift, type FECKOFF or SKEKSIS. You will receive some greetings from the programmers. These will run until you release Left-Shift.

Contributed By: fisgiger.

Greets II

Start the game with the command parameter -alex. While playing, press and hold down both Shift keys and type JLW.

Contributed By: fisgiger.


The Level 10 Dark Angel in the Final Level

Have you noticed there is a neutral Dark angel stucked within some undiggable rock in the final level (level 20)? To have him join your side, follow the steps below:

Next to the area with the Dark Angel is a 5x5 area with 11 tiles of gold in. Dig out this area and then build a 5x5 temple in it.

Now sacrifice a Firefly, Black knight and Warlock (note: the order is very important!) within a very very short period of time into the temple.

If you sacrifice the creatures in the correct order and your action is fast enough, this Dark Angel would gladly aid you in your quest.

Contributed By: Sky Olivine.