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Need for Speed: High Stakes


Arcade Mode Codes

In the main menu, for arcade mode, type in:

MONKEYAutomatic Transmission
TR 00-15Drive as Traffic Cars
MOONLow Gravity
MADLANDSuper-Human Opponents
GOFASTUpgrade Engine

Contributed By: A B C.

Career Mode Codes

In the main menu, for career mode, type in:

UP11st Upgrade
UP22nd Upgrade
UP33rd Upgrade
GATESCash Increase
BUYFree Purchase
UPONo Upgrade

Contributed By: A B C.


In the main menu, type in:

TRACKSAll Tracks
ACARBonus Car 1
BCARBonus Car 2
CCARBonus Car 3
DCOPBonus Hot Pursuit Car
ECOPBonus Hot Pursuit Car
OUTMYWAYOthers crash when you honk horn
ORESETYAOthers restart when you honk horn

Contributed By: A B C.


Unlockable cars and tracks

Complete the following criteria to unlock specific cars and tracks.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Achieve Top Cop and Most Wanted on all Getaway courses in Hot Pursuit modePursuit Camaro
Win Amateur level KnockoutRaceway

Contributed By: Stevewins123.