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Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun


Build anywhere

First set up the controls so that you can scroll up,down,left and right with the direction keys. Now build a structure and get in a position where its possible to build anywhere between an empty space in your base and the side bar. Now click to place the structure but hold the button and drag it behind the scroll bar. Now wile still holding left click use the direction buttons to move to wherever you want to build and let go.

Contributed By: blind ninja.

Firestorm Lasts Forever (Unpatched game only)

As GDI build a Firestorm generator, and then place Firestorm Wall Pieces where wanted. When ready, activate the Firestorm Generator and sell your Power Plants until you are on low power. If the Firestorm Generator was still going when your power went low the Firestorm will keep on working until you build a power plant and have normal power again.

Contributed By: Tails_Chao_4.

Free Building Repairs

This is useful if you are playing as GDI. If you have a Power Plant that is severly damaged and it has no Power Turbines on it, you can build one and place it on the Power Plant, and the Power Plant will be set at full health for free without having to repair it! This also works for placing a Vulcan Cannon/RPG/SAM on a Componet Tower for a free repair, and placing an Ion Cannon Uplink or Seeker Control on an Upgrade Center as well. Very useful to save money.

Contributed By: peach freak.

Missile Defence

When playing as GDi build a firestorm generator and place a section of firestorm wall anywhere away from your base, NOD will never attack your base with missles as long as this section remains. Best of all there is no need to activate the firestorm, just having a section laid out is all it takes.

Contributed By: BlackRat27.


Bonus GDI Mission "Mine the Power Grid"

You must first complete "Rescue the Mutants". Get the Ghost Stalker and the Mutant Hijacker, they must be present when you complete that mission.

Then, as you play "Destroy the Chemical Plant", build your base and attack Nod. Take a small number of troops to the upper left corner of the map for a little surprise...

You will hit a train station. And, a Ghost Stalker will arrive as a reinforcement trooper. He MUST be kept alive. Board the train and while you are at it, destroy the remaining Nod Base. You will hit the unlocked "Mine the Power Grid" mission.

Contributed By: shadowfalconm16.


Beating the Stealth Generator

This works for GDI only. You must have access to an Orca Carryall and a Mobile Sensor Array. Take the Carryall, force it to load on the MSA and fly it into suspected Nod Base Territory which is cloaked. The MSA will uncover all the buildings on the minimap, and if it is attacked, the surrounding buildings near the attacker will also be revealed! Cool, huh?

This part works for Nod. Take the MSA and drive it straight into the enemy base which is cloaked. It has the same effect.

Contributed By: shadowfalconm16.

Edit Screen Resolution

Edit sun.ini in the game directory and you can push the screen resolution way up from the pathetic 640x480 standard

Look for...


And just change the values to something more suiting to your PC + Monitor (as Tib Sun looks stupid at 640x480 on bigger monitors)

On my machine I run the game at 1280x1024 with no problems, stops so much scrolling around and you can see all the build options too!

Contributed By: tchala.

Suicide Take-Out!

Fill up your harvester with as much blue tiberian as it can hold. Then, with a group of Light Infantry, park your Harvester by any of the enemy's buildings. The building, your harvester, and surrounding units and buildings will explode, causing your enemy to be forced to rebuild again!

Contributed By: Da Rock Sez.