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Die by the Sword

The Ranking

75.00% Overall Rank: n/a
PC Rank: n/a
1998 Games Rank: n/a
1998 PC Rank: n/a
Score based on 2 reviews


An Eye For Adventure, An Itch For Action! Adventure deep into a sinister undermountain stronghold to rescue your true love from a horrific ritual sacrifice. As Enric the adventurer, slash your way through hordes of intelligent and fearless enemies. Engage Kobolds, Orc masters, and even a giant octopus in brutal combat as you explore dangerous dwarf mines, escape bubbling lava, and pilot down treacherous underground rivers. Stretch your strength, dexterity, and wits to the limit and steel yourself for the combat adventure of a lifetime. - ADVENTURE. Explore seven distinct environments like ancient temples, haunted burial crypts, and the heart of an active volcano. - CONTROL (VSIM). Proprietary VSIM motion technology gives you unlimited freedom of movement. (See inside flap for all the details.) - SAVVY OPPONENTS. Battle a vast array of horrific monsters who use tactics ad strategy, and are not just suicidal. - DISMEMBERMENT. Nothing is more satisfying than severing your opponents' limbs and using them as a weapon against them. - MULTIPLAYER. Up to four human opponents simultaneously over network. Two over modem or serial. - CREATE YOUR OWN MOVES. Create and store custom moves. Use them in your quest or in the arena, or trade with your friends.
Release Date: February 28, 1998

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