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Grand Theft Auto Mission Pack #1: London, 1969


Password Cheats

Rename your character to these passwords

iamgod10x Multiplier and All Weapons (Press *)
flashmotorAll levels unlocked
super wellAll levels unlocked
travelcardAll levels unlocked
rommelDebug mode
6661970Infinitive lives
pieandmashInfinitive Lives (Press * for all weapons)
drivebyLets you fire your gun out of the window of your car
psychadelicLets you use the horn to change the color of your car
averyrichmanMaximum Points (999999999)
hercMaximum Ponts, all weapons (Press *) All levels, Drive-by (Press Weapon when in car to fire weapon while driving)
iamfilthNo Cops
titheadNo Cops
asawindowPress * on the NUMPAD for all weapons
deathtoallPress * on the NUMPAD for all weapons
uaintnuffinSome items and All weapons with infinite ammo
silenceTurn police radio off

Contributed By: jimfish, MrSmiles888, and freakunique.