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Metal Fatigue



Press Y, then type:

MISSILES20 Missile Cars
PANZER20 Tanks
TIME WARPHover Trucks Faster
ROBOTSThree Combots
LAVAUnlimited Metaljoules

Contributed By: Justin Alucard.

More Codes

To activate these codes the player must Hit Esc and then enter the code in as directed.

This code while let you skip the level in campaign mode.
It will give all bonus points for the level when this code is used.

This code can be used in any mode of play. It will increase MetaJoules by 10,000. It dose however sends a message to all players saying ''Darkrunner9 is cheating like a slimy rat.'' In another player's case replace Darkrunner9 with the name you play by.

These Codes are Case Sensitive and will not work if you do not use capital C's.

Contributed By: darkrunner9.