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Strife: Trust no one


Misc. Codes

Type the following during gameplay:

PUMPUPAll accessories
SPINChanges the music.
LEGOEach time entered gives you one piece of the Sigal
STONECOLDEveryone dead
TOPOFull map
GRIPPERHeavier boots
GPSShows position on map.

Contributed By: Dormouse, Biospark3, and sargentwlf.

Misc. codes

Type in these codes while playing.

DONNYTRUMPAll money and artifacts
DOTSFPS ticker
ELVISNo clipping mode
SPIN##Switch music track. (insert 0-35 where ## is)
RIFT##warp to level. (insert level no. where ## is)

Contributed By: monobrow.


Steam Achievements

Collect all 3 talismansBerserk Reborn
Defeat the BishopBish-Slapped
Defeat the ProgrammerCode Monkey
Discover all secret areas in a single savegame fileCompletionist
Finish game with worst endingExtinction
Get full stamina and accuracy upgradesFully Amphed
Finish game with best endingGaliant Hero
Win a mulitplayer match in 'Capture the Chalice' game modeGrab the Fancy Cup
Complete the 'Trust No One' demo on Bloodbath difficulty under 6 minutesHardcore Warm-up
Find the Power Crystal in the Power Station without setting off any alarmsHow Hard Can It Be?
Free the prisonersLending a Hand
Defeat the LoremasterMystical Doubletalk
Complete Rowan's MissionSilence is Golden
Defeat the OracleSo Much for Prognostication
Ignite an Acolyte with the flamethrower and have his burning corpse ignite three othersSpontaneous Combustion
Complete the training courseTop of the class
Complete the 'Trust No One' demo on any difficultyTourist
Defeat MacilTrust No One
Complete the game with best ending on Bloodbath difficultyUnstoppable
Finish game with mediocre endingWithout Hope

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.