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Urban Chaos


Assorted codes.

Before entering the cheats bellow, press F9 and type in 'bangunsnotgames', now press any of the following keys to enable the cheat:

:=slowmotion toggle.
'=Pause game.
E=Create a random car.
R=Create an explosive barrell.
T (hold)=Floor grid.
I (hold)=Pavement grid.
G=Nudge Stern forward (hold to move her quickly).
L=Switch on a light above Stern's head.
.=Make smoke come out of Stern's pants.
Alt Gr (hold)=Show everyone's stats.
F12=Creates all guns and items in a circle around Stern. This cheat also enables GOD MODE. To prove it works run over the mine that is created when you enable this cheat.

Contributed By: leadbobdog.

Change between Darci and Roper

In the midle of the game press F9 and type in ''BANGUNSNOTGAMES'' and press ENTER. Then press F9 and type in ''DARCI'' to become Darci and type in ''ROPER'' to become Roper.

Contributed By: Ultra Devil.

Create different effects.

Before you can enter these cheats you must first press F9 and type in 'bangunsnotgames' and press ENTER:

To scroll through the different effects press 7 on the NUM PAD, then press 5 on the NUM PAD to execute that effect. I have made a list of the names of the effects below in case you are not sure of what they do:

Ribbon: A flame follows Stern around.
Explosion: Pretty self explanatory isn't it?!?!?!
Sparkles: Lots of sparks at Stern's feet.
Bonfire:Makes a lot of fire.
Immolate: Stern gets set on fire and dies.
Testrib: Makes a little fire.
Firewall: It makes a... you guessed it...WALL FIRE. Use by wall otherwise it will throw you out of the game.
New Sploje: Makes a BIg fire.
New Dome: Makes a BIG explosion.
Whoomph: Makes a floor fire.
Flicker: Makes a tall floor fire.

Contributed By: leadbobdog.

Win or Lose a level.

To either win or lose a level you must first (at any time in a level) Press F9 and type in 'bangunsnotgames' then press enter. Now,any level in the game press F9 again and type in 'win' to (obviously) win the level, or 'lose' to lose the level.

Contributed By: leadbobdog.