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Virtua Fighter PC


Add Dural on the Records Screen

At the press start screen, press UP 17 times, then press enter. Next, enter the Options Menu; Dural's stats are now present at the Records Screen.

Contributed By: untrustful.

Edit Ring Size and Stage Select

On the Press Start Screen, press UP 12 times, then press enter. Go to the Options Menu, and move the cursor below the EZXIT option. The cursor will disappear. Press [Del] a secret Options Screen will now be present.

Contributed By: untrustful.

Play as Dural

At the character select screen, press DOWN, UP, RIGHT, [Del] + LEFT. A 'whoosh' sound will confirm the code entry.

Contributed By: untrustful.

Easter Eggs

Slow Motion Replay

Hold Delete, End, and PageDown at the end of a round.

Contributed By: freakunique.

Victory Pose Select

Hold Delete, End, or PageUp before your character begins their victory pose.

Contributed By: freakunique.