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War Inc.


Various cheats

During the game hold alt and type in war. Then let go of alt and type in any of the following

moremoney$1 Million and 1,000 RUs
toggleaiAI on/off
quickbuildbuilds faster
loadunitscan make all units and buildings
dogeatdogDouble power output
forceresyncForce network resync
enemypowerupGive enemy a Command HQ
killactiveunitKill active unit
autowinkills all opponents units
killactiveunitkills the active unit
dolemiteMax out active unit
comboNo fog of war, view entire map, quickbuild, and more money
togglefogno more fog of war
rearmRearm active unit
lockandloadreloads all your units weapons
showdangerShow Danger
paulhaneyshows enemy units
veteranupgrades unit
viewmapView entire map
wincampaignwins the campaign

Contributed By: captaincanadian and Llamaman2.