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70.67% Overall Rank: 9854
PC Rank: 2383
2017 Games Rank: 9832
2017 PC Rank: 2383
Score based on 12 reviews


Conarium is a chilling Lovecraftian game, which follows a gripping story involving four scientists and their endeavor to challenge what we normally consider to be the 'absolute' limits of nature. Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's novella "At the Mountains of Madness", but largely set after the original story. You, as Frank Gilman, open your eyes inside a room filled with strange, pulsating noises. Patterns of lights executing a Danse Macabre on the walls is presented by a queer device on the table. Having recalled nothing other than that you're in Upuaut, an Antarctic base located near south pole, you find the place deserted and have a distinct feeling of something being terribly wrong. Somehow knowing that your memories cannot guide you enforces a strange feeling of vulnerability, a familiar yet alien sensation of being a part of a peculiar whole... Soon you will discover that having used the device during the expedition, you have died but then returned subtly changed, speaking of strange memories and of strange places. You have lost something important or gained something sinister... Explore the antarctic base, as well as dreams and visions. Study clues, unlock secrets but avoid macabre beings at all cost.
Release Date: June 6, 2017

Latest Reviews

Cubed3 04/05/18 Review 6 out of 10
Telegraph 08/04/17 Review 4 out of 5
GameCritics 07/10/17 Review 8.5 out of 10
New Game Network 05/25/17 Review 65 out of 100
ZTGD 05/25/17 Review 7.5 out of 10
The Koalition 05/25/17 Review 45 out of 100
Digitally Downloaded 06/15/17 Review 3.5 out of 5
Gaming Nexus 05/25/17 Review 7.4 out of 10
COGconnected 06/11/17 Review 70 out of 100
Hooked Gamers 05/25/17 Review 7.9 out of 10