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The Elder Scrolls: Chapter II - Daggerfall


Cheats (Latest Patch needed.)

Once you have downloaded and installed the last patch (2.13), then go to the Z.cfg file in your Daggerfall folder. At the bottom add the following line:
cheatmode 1
and then, in game, press the following keys to do the following things:

CTRL - F95000 gold
[ and ]Move between quest items, areas, etc.
1move faster
+Raise all skills (Primary, Major, Minor, and Misc.) by 1%
-Raises reputation by 1 point
Alt+F11Return to last place you stood still in. Useful to escape from ''the void'' or an unescapable mess.
Ctrl+F1reveals map locations
ctrl+F4Toggle invincibilty. You can still drown and be killed by disease though.

Contributed By: Deacon Swain, Raptir87, and Dragonfly13.