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Zeus: Master of Olympus



Press Ctrl + Alt + C to bring up the cheat menu, and type:

Delian Treasuryadds 1000 drachmas
Cheese PuffDairy Workers dance in Cheese suits
SoundFragsDeath Sounds
Fireballs from HeavenShoot Fireballs from above
Bowvine and ArrowTowers shoot cows instead of arrows
Lots of FishyUnlimited food
AmbrosiaWin Scenario

Contributed By: JChamberlin, RosieR41, Mike Truitt, and Beanhead124.


Unlimited Drachmas

This isn't really a code, but it works. Put your game on pause, then follow the steps:

Step One

Start a new file (or a new colony). Anywhere that is completely empty will give best results.

Step Two

Put your difficulty level to Olympian.

Step Three

Click the Appeal Button, and then click the Park.

Step Four

From the top of the map to the bottom, drag the parks as far as you can.

Step Five

Once you have a very expensive price for the parks you would make, let go of the mouse button. The Undo Button should light up.

Step Six

Quickly press Ctrl+Alt+C to bring up the Cheat Menu. Type in Delian Treasury, then press enter. Continue doing this (a fast way you can do this is by holding Ctrl and Alt and alternating between C and Enter) until you cannot use the cheat anymore (around 15,000 drachmas). Then, press undo. If you did it on a wide open map (like Larisa), you should have between 100,000 and 250,000 drachmas.

Contributed By: Kobalt.