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Red Faction


Cheat Codes

While playing the game hit the [~] key and a window will pop-up. Enter the following codes:

bighugmugAll Weapons/Ammo
camera1, camera2, camera 3Change Camera
Killcommit suicide
heehooFly Mode
vivalahelvigGod Mode

Contributed By: Blackice and RE_expert44.


Duplicating Remote Charges

First,throw a remote charges on the ground(or anywhere that you desired,but DO NOT THROW IT ON TO A PERSON OR A MOVING OBJECT),instead of pressing the trigger to blow the Remote Charges off,press the ''use'' key and pick it up instead!You will notice that the amount of Remote Charges increase!

Contributed By: RayKnight.

Endless Tunnel

Go to Extra and click on Glass House,you will appear in a room with a ''house'' with many glass ''windows'', you can pick up remote charges and rocket launcher. You can actually blast an endless tunnel,aim at a wall, and start blasting,you can blast endlessly and create a tunnel. Have fun!

Contributed By: RayKnight.

Secret Movie

Although this is not a cheat as such there is a hidden movie, of the various characters dancing. The clip is called technochunk,just go to your Red Faction movie folder to find it.

eg: RedFaction/Data/Movies.

Contributed By: phreekaboo.