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Cheat Codes

When the game is on the main menu, press Shift + Alt + A. This will enable cheat mode. The first code can be entered on the main menu screen and the rest are entered in the game.

Alt + X100 popularity and 1,000 more gold
ALT + DDebug Mode No graphics
Alt + KPress to build without supplies
Alt + CUnlocks all levels

Contributed By: fjer and lilobaggins.


Archers fire farther

During a seige such as "Kill the Rat" or some such, if you set your archers at a spot where they aren't under attack and somewhat near the wall, have them fire at something such as a wall, gate, or tower. Immediately after, click on an enemy or building to fire upon (somewhat close to the area you targeted) and if done correctly, your archers should fire upon the new target. This is useful to make your men fire farther and keep them out of harms way.

Contributed By: Ike.

Clean Burnt Land

Simply use the "Undig Moat" and use it on the burnt land to make it good as new. Note that it only works on flat lowlands.

Contributed By: Shadow Edge.

Uncover enemy killing pits

You will need engineers for this. Select an engineer and select a seige weapon to build. Move the tent around where you think a pit might be; when you move the tent over a pit it will appear as a red square.

Contributed By: fjer.

Unlimited Trebuchet Ammunition

Click 'Launch Cow' and select your target (Wall/Building). The moment you click on the target, click 'Stop'. Your Catapult/Trebuchet will fire a rock! Just note that you need to have cows in store for this cheat to work!

Contributed By: RisenPhoenix.

Easter Eggs


While in a game, go in the options menu and change your name to one starting with ''Megalord'' (without the quotes). The next time you enter the game, the usual ''Greetings sire'' will be replaced with a weird voice saying ''Greetings Megalord''

Contributed By: Da Jabberwock.

"Merry Christmas, my liege"

Change the date settings of your computer to Christmas (Dec. 25). Then run Stronghold. Instead of "Greetings, sire. Your stronghold awaits you", you'll hear "Merry Christmas, my liege."

Contributed By: Shadow Edge.

10 more days until Christmas

During the month of December and before the official start of Christmas, your advisor will say, "Only 10 more shopping days until Christmas." at the main menu when you start the game.

Contributed By: Taski897.