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The Sims: House Party


Cheat List

During gameplay, press CTRL+SHIFT+C, and a prompt will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Enter one of the cheats below to enable the code.

rosebud1000 Simoleons
hist_addAdd family history stat to current family
visitor_controlAllow visitors to be controlled using the keyboard
write_destlistAppend route destination list to AllRoutes.txt when new route found
auto_levelArchitecture tools automatically set the level as needed
sim_log beginBegin Sim Logging
crashCrash game
shrink_text (font_size) (text)Create shrunk_text_#.bmp files
edit_charCreate-a-character mode
draw_all_frames_offDisable ''draw all animation frames''
draw_floorable_offDisable floorable grid
map_edit_offDisable Map Editor
preview_anims offDisable Preview Animations
route_balloons_offDisable routing debug balloons
draw_originsDraw dots at each Sim's origin
[date:time].txt: core_dumpDump memory to core dump
dump_happyDump most recent list of scored interactions to a file
dump_mcDump motive contribution curve to a file
draw_all_frames_onEnable ''draw all animation frames''
draw_floorable_onEnable floorable grid
map_edit onEnable map editor
preview_anims onEnable review animations
route_balloons_onEnable routing debug balloons
sim_log endEnd Sim Logging
cht (filename)Execute ''file.cht'' file as a list of cheats
prepare_lotFix lot objects
flushFlush to VM file when running Windows NT
assertForce assert
import (FAM File)Import and load specified FAM file
genable_objects offInvisible objects
house (house number)Load house
log_animationsLog animations in event log window
move_objects onMove any object
browser_failsafePrevent Browser crashes
tile_infoProgrammer Stats
quitQuit game
rebuild_cpRebuild control panel/UCP from scratch
refresh_texturesRefresh character texture
restore_tutRestore tutorial
rotation (0-3)Rotate Camera
historySave family history
saveSave house
porntipsguzzardoSay ''porntipsguzzardo''
plughSay "plugh"
xyzzySay "xyzzy"
log_maskSet event logging mask
sim_speed (-1000-1000)Set game speed
value edit_grass (number)Set grass change
grow_grass (0-150)Set grass growth
lot_size (number)Set lot size
allow_inuseSet menu items to appear for in-use objects
interestsShow personality and interests
tile_info onShow tile information
draw_routes onSim's path displayed
draw_routes_offSim's path hidden
sweep offTicks disabled
sweep onTicks enabled
report_assetsToggle assets report
auto_resetToggle automatic object reset
cam_modeToggle camera mode
musicToggle music
obj_compToggle object compression
sound_logToggle sound log
soundToggle sounds
htmlToggle web page creation
reload_peopleTotal reload
soundeventTrigger sound event
water_toolWater tool

Contributed By: Jobu Dudley.


More Neighborhoods

To get more neighborhoods go to your maxis folder and open the sims. Then copy one of the folders that say ''UserData'' and a number those numbers are the neighborhoods make sure the one you copy has no families or houses in it and then paste it in there and rename it to the ''UserData'' and a no. not used. You can have as many as you can fit in your hard drive.

Contributed By: Neo..

Easter Eggs

See Jane, Sunny, and El Viz Perform

First, buy yourself two of the "Fancy Feet Dancer" cakes. This will NOT work unless you have more than one cake.

To See Jane The Dancing Gorilla:
For the first cake, hire the female dancer. Now, go to the second cake and try to hire another female dancer. The game will say that you have already hired a female dancer. Ignore the game and keep trying to hire one. After 5 or 6 times, a large pink gorilla named Jane will pop out of the cake and dance for you!

To See Sunny or El Viz
Now, I'm not sure how to get the character you want for this one, because as far as I can tell its completely random. Anyway, to see Sunny or El Viz, do the exact same thing you did to get Jane, only hire a male dancer. Again, after about 5 or 6 tries, eigher Sunny the dancing clown or El Viz, a boxer who looks a bit like Elvis will pop out of the cake.

Contributed By: N8N3SS.


Refresh all green bars

To give your Sim a full green bar for EVERYTHING! simply do this.

Put the move objects cheat on (''move_objects on'' without quotes) then send your sim to bed, or to sit down somewhere, once they have sat down delete the object (Note: Not The SIM)once you go back into live mode click on the Sims image and s/he will return with full green gauges!

Contributed By: Raziel_.