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The Typing of the Dead


Cheat Codes

TORAMAN5 lives
DEBTINU9 Continues
TMTSINOBegin the game at the final chapter
POQRTJCUnlimited Continues
KIKMAHP or DKRORCRUnlimited continues, all drill mode levels, all bosses and all CPU characters

Contributed By: eli0918 and klausbaudelaire.

Code to play against the computer

The code for modes of play against the computer is:

Contributed By: Split Infinity.


New Vs CPU characters

Beat a CPU character in three stages to unlock the one after them.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat A Citizen three timesAmy Cristal
Beat Amy Cristal three timesDavid (Zombie)
Beat David three timesHarry Harris
Beat Harry Harris three timesThomas Rorgan

Contributed By: red soul.


To earn the code unlockables, you will need to collect coins obtained by passing certain criteria in Original Mode. Every five coins earns you something new.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Earn five coins5 lives in options menu
Earn fifteen coins9 Continues in options menu
Earn twenty five coinsInfinite continues (free play)
Earn twenty coinsStart at final chapter
Earn ten coinsstart with two molotov cocktails
Earn thirty coinsUnlock everything

Contributed By: red soul.

Easter Eggs

Dancing Zombies

During the credits, you'll notice that the names are on two rows, just like the phrases you type in the game.

Type in all the names in a section (IE: Programmers, Special Thanks, etc...) to see zombies doing some serious dancing. ''Thriller'', anyone?

Contributed By: NTsui.