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Star Wars: Battle for Naboo


Cheat Codes

At the options screen, enter these cheats as a passcode.

ACH!Advanced missiles
HRDTOKILAdvanced shields
RJDGABAUAll ships are pink
JOBXXFAIArt gallery in show room option
PUHRPJAGBattle for Naboo level unlocked
FJJCUAACCluster homing missiles
RECTVBAHConcert hall in show room option
ADJJCCAYCreate waves in water
FMRYLDADDark Side bonus level
TALKTOMEDeveloper Commentary
TALKTOMEDeveloper commentary
UYCZNCAXDouble Secondary Weapon
UYCZNCAXDouble secondary weapon
CXSJMIAAEasy Kill Mode
CXSJMIAAExpert mode
FJJCUAACFit the N-1 with Cluster Missiles
ABVUSEAYGuided missiles
LFZWKXAAInfinite Lives
NOSHEILDOne hit kills
MELTDOWNRapid fire
FRBPTDAYSith Infiltrator
EBTRHBAFSpeeder replaced by Buick
XFIIYBAYSwamp Speeder
NOSKILZ!Unlimited lives
JHGNRGASUnlock all levels with bonus
GPAYQWAJUnlock All Main Levels
NIZWAGAOUnlock all Naboo side ships
GPAYQWAJUnlock all normal levels
NIZWAGAOUnlock All Ships
JOBXXFAIUnlock Art Gallery
RACTVBAHUnlock Concert Hall
DIWMZIARUnlock credits
FRMRYLDADUnlock Dark Side Level
ABVUSEAYUnlock Heat Seeking Missiles
JHGNRGASUnlock Infiltration Bonus
FRBPTDAYUnlock Sith Infiltrator
XFIIBAYUnlock Swamp Speeder
DIWMZIARView Credits
EOWXZGASView Development Team
EOWXZGASView development team

Contributed By: birdieball, eli0918, Mike Truitt, and Secret of Salami.