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Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Expansion Pack


Console Cheats

Press ~ during gameplay, then type in sp_cheats, and then enter the following codes:

undying999 Health and Armor
give weaponsAll Weapons Unlocked
give allAll weapons, power and health
model [value]Change character model
name [value]Change name
killCommit suicide
sv_cheats 0Deactivates cheat mode
noclipDisable Clipping
-button3Disables multiplayer taunts
cg_thirdperson 0Disables Third Person View
+button3Enables multiplayer taunts
cg_thirdperson 1Enables Third Person View
give [item name]Get indicated item
give weapon [number]Get indicated weapon
godGod Mode
dir videoLists FMV sequences
cinematic [filename]Plays indicated FMV
give armor [number]Set armor
^[color number]Set color of name
cg_fog [number]Set field of view (default=80)
g_gravity [number]Set gravity setting (default=800)
give health [number]Set health
cg_thirdpersonrange [1-100]Set view range for third person view
g_gravityShow current gravity setting
map_brigUnlocks hidden intermission sequence
ui_closingcreditsView credits
map (levelname)Warp to the desired map

Contributed By: Mike Truitt, eli0918, and SAY789.