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Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast


Change Lightsaber color

To change the color of the lightsaber, hold shift and the ~ to bring up the console. After typing in the activation code of helpusobi 1, and assuming you have the lightsaber, type:

saberColor <insert color>

The different color choices are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple.

Contributed By: WrestlingRPGfan.


Press ~ to open the console then enter helpusobi 1 to enable cheat mode. The enter the following codes:

give weaponsAll weapons
name [enter name here]Changes your name.
use atst_deathDestroy all AT-STs
cg_drawgun 1Disable weapon models. Enter again with a 0 at the end to turn the models back on.
cg_drawtimer 1Enables the Timer. Enter again, but with a 0 at the end to turn off.
give batteriesFull battery bar
give inventoryFull inventory
setforceall 3Gives you all the force powers on a level 3.
give allGives you max weapons, health and shields.
godGod mode.
npc kill allKill all NPCs
control [NPC name]Lets you control any ally following you
noclipNo clipping mode, which allows you to float in the air.
setviewpos [x] [y] [z] [yaw]Places camera at indicated position
quitQuit the game without going through the menus.
cg_drawcrosshair 1Remove crosshair. (0 to replace)
where [classname]Reveals where indicated entity is located
screenshotScreenshot w/ console window
levelshotScreenshot w/o console window
spawn [item name]Spawns given item
give weaponnum [weapon #]Spawns given weapon
force_healUses Force Heal ability
r_showtris !Wireframe mode
G_knockback XX is a number. The higher the number, the futher people are knocked back.

Contributed By: Starky27, GurraJG, and Lord_Sintra.

Colors In Multiplayer Game Names

In any area you enter your name in the game.
Do ^ (shift+6) then any of the following number combos below.
NOTE: Be sure not to hold shift when entering the number after the ^ or your name could look like this when you talk...


^0Alternate Black
^9Alternate Red

Contributed By: xXFred5460Xx.

Control enemies

Hold shift and press ` (the button left of your 1 key).

Type devmap and press enter.

Type setmindtrick 4 and press enter.

Now if you use the Force on enemies, you will have full control over them.

Contributed By: Hammerite Heretic.

Doubled edged lightsaber

Begin a multiplayer game with cheats on using the console (shift+tilde) and typing ''devmap *mapname*''

Choose your lightsaber, then holster it.
Type ''/thedestroyer'' in the console

Contributed By: spite.

Drive ATST

To drive an AT-ST, open the console (shift+`) and type drive_atst.

Contributed By: Crono801.

Fly an X-Wing

Hold Shift and press ` (the button left of the 1 on your keyboard).

Type helpusobi 1 and press Enter.

Now type fly_xwing to fly an x-wing.

Close the console window by holding shift and pressing ` again.

Note: This code could cause your game to crash back to the desktop.

Contributed By: Hammerite Heretic.

Hidden Models

Type in the console to get the hidden models

model reborn/acrobat
-Blue reborn

model reborn/fencer
-Green reborn

model reborn/boss
-Red reborn

model imperial/officer
-Officer in a gold shirt

Contributed By: Snowstormz.

More codes

After typing ''devmapall'' in the console, you can enter cheats. Here are all the codes

god - God Mode
noclip - No Clipping Mode
notarget - Enemies Ignore You
kill - Kill Yourself
give all - All Weapons and Health/Armor at Max
give health - Health at 100%
give armor - Armor at 100%
give ammo - Ammo at 100%
give X # - Give Item X (# = amount)
setForceAll 3 - All Force Powers
g_saberRealisticCombat 1 - Dismemberments

Contributed By: -Ashley-.

Npc Spawning Codes

Open the console (shift + ~) and type in any of these cheats you want:

Npc Spawn bartenderSpawns a Bartender
Npc Spawn granSpawns a Gran
Npc Spawn protocolSpawns a Protocol droid that looks like C-3P0
Npc Spawn rebelSpawns a Rebel
Npc Spawn stormtrooperSpawns a Stormtrooper
Npc Spawn weequaySpawns a Weequay
Npc Spawn desannSpawns Desann
Npc Spawn galakSpawns Galak
Npc Spawn morgankatarnSpawns Kyle's father
Npc Spawn reeloSpawns Reelo
Npc Spawn tavionSpawns Tavion

Contributed By: poweradefan100.

Single player cheats

To enable cheats in your game bring up the console by pressing shift+the tilde(~) key and enter ''helpusobi 1''. Cheats are now enabled in your single player game. To use a cheat, just bring up the console, and enter it.

God mode - god
999 health - undying
All ammo - give ammo
Full Force - give force
No clipping - noclip

Contributed By: EPR.

Skip levels

In the game open the console(Shift and ~) and write ''devmapall''.Then write ''map'' and one of the following:

Contributed By: fotis52.

Yet more cheats

In the middle of play press the '' ~ '' key while holding shift to get to the console window. Type in '' HelpUsObi 1 '' and press enter. Now you have the opportunity to add in any of the following cheats:

<effect> - <what you must type in> {toggle #'s}
All Weapons - give all
Force Grip - setForceGrip {1-3}
Force Healing - setForceHeal {1-3}
Force Jump - setForceJump {1-3}
Force Lightning - setForceLightning {1-3}
Force Pull - setForcePull {1-3}
Force Push - setForcePush {1-3}
Force Speed - setForceSpeed {1-3}
Jedi Mind Trick - setMindTrick {1-3}
Lightsaber Defense - setSaberDefense {1-3}
Lightsaber Offense - setSaberOffense {1-3}
Saber Toss - setSaberThrow {1-3}
Slow Motion - timescale 5
Super Speed - timescale 2

Contributed By: Buckwheatz Revenge.


Secret Multiplayer Sounds

To enable the secret sounds, join a multiplayer game, and bring up the console. Type in /model *space *one of the following codes:
The sounds are played when you get hit or die, and you will look like the kyle model.

Contributed By: FredTheFat.

Secret Non-Game Level: Pit

Open the console by doing Shift+~ (aka tilde). Then, type in "devmap pit". This should bring you to an incredibly small, white metal, place that is tall but narrow. This is where you have to finish off Tavion for good when you find out she survived your attack from the Bespin Platforms. Be careful, she's much more powerful here than on Bespin.

Contributed By: mustangnate777.