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Quake 4


Console codes...

Press (~,Ctrl, and Alt) to bring up the game console during play and enter the following codes to activate them. Make sure you press "Enter" after you type each code in!

give item_health_mega+100 health up to 200
g_showplayershadow #1 shows shadow, 0 removes it
com_showfps #1 to show frame rate on screen constantly, 0 to turn it off
pm_thirdperson #1 turns third-person mode on, 0 turns it off
give allAll weapons with full ammo, health and armor
com_allowconsole 1Allows console opening and closing with just ~
undyingcan be knocked down to 1 health and 0 armor, but can't die
clearClears the Console
editorClose the game and open the map editor
killcommit suicide
testlightCreates a new light source where you're pointing
benchmarkgame benchmark
give weapon_dmgget a dark matter gun plus some ammo
give weapon_grenadelauncherget a grenade launcher plus some ammo
give weapon_hyperblasterget a hyperblaster plus some ammo
give weapon_lightninggunget a lightning gun plus some ammo
give weapon_machinegunget a machinegun plus some ammo
give weapon_nailgunget a nailgun plus some ammo
give weapon_railgunget a railgun plus some ammo
give weapon_rocketlauncherget a rocket launcher plus some ammo
give weapon_shotgunget a shotgun plus some ammo
give weaponsget all weapons without any ammo
give quadGet quad damage (x4 normal weapon damage)
give ammogive ammo
give all weaponsgives all weapons
gfxinfographics card information
pm_noclipspeed #How fast you move in noclip mode
pm_crouchspeed #How fast you move when crouched
pm_speed #How fast you move when running
pm_jumpheight #How high you can jump
quitimmediately exit from game
modviewLaunches the model viewer
g_fov #Makes your field of vision wider.
give armormax armor
give healthmax health
killmonstersremove all monsters and NPCs from current level
poplightRemoves a "testlight"-created light source
screenshot X Yreplace X and Y with 4:3 screen resolutions, like 800 600 or 1024 768
timescale 1Returns the game speed to normal.
avidemosave a demo of your playing to an AVI movie file
saveGameSaves the game
g_knockback #Set to 0 to keep monster attacks from knocking you around
g_stoptime #Set to 1 to stop time (can only move around) and 0 to restart time
spawn vehicle_walkerspawns a driveable mech
spawn vehicle_gevspawns a driveable tank
spawn monster_stream_protectorSpawns the "Stream Protector"
timescale 15Speeds up the game. Handy for getting past scripted sequences.
spawn char_marinesummons a marine who'll help fight
spawn char_marine_medicsummons a medic who can heal you
spawn char_marine_tech_armedsummons a tech who can fight and restore your armor
screenshotJpegTakes a jpeg screenshot
nocliptoggle ability to fly and move through solid objects
GODToggle GOD Mode
notargettoggle invisibility
pm_runbob #When set to "0", your character will stop bobbing when you run.
pm_walkbob #When set to "0", your character will stop bobbing when you walk.

Contributed By: Skeet1983, sdunigan, DARQMX, andrewjb, Agret, StuartHatz, and k-bar2.

Spawn enemies or good guys!

Press "Ctrl, Alt and ~" to bring up the console and type in the following and then press "Enter" when done to spawn one of the following. Each one mess be entered seperatley. There is a bigger list but these are the only ones that work!

If you don't want to ruin the game and see some of the future enemies in game then don't use these or even read this list! If I have a "unknown enemy" listed that means I just don't know what it is called.

spawn char_marine_hyperblasterGives a marine with a hyperblaster
spawn char_marine_shotgunGives a marine with a shotgun
spawn monster_harvester_combatSpawns "Spider" mechs (Massive)
spawn char_doctorSpawns a doctor
spawn char_marineSpawns a marine (has a gun)
spawn char_marine_fatiguesSpawns a marine in shirt and shorts
spawn char_marine_tech_armedSpawns a marine that fixes armor
spawn char_marine_medicSpawns a Medic marine that heals you
spawn monster_repair_botSpawns a Repair Bot
spawn char_marine_techSpawns an unarmed, unnamed techy.
spawn char_marine_medic_armedSpawns an unnamed, armed medic.
spawn monster_makronSpawns Boss (Very Big)
spawn monster_gladiatorSpawns enemy with Shield
spawn monster_fattySpawns Fatty Boss (Big and Invincible)
spawn char_kane_stroggSpawns Kane in Strogg form (has a gun)
spawn monster_bossbuddySpawns Mech Boss (Small)
spawn monster_network_guardianSpawns the Network Boss (Big)
spawn monster_scientistSpawns the Strogg"Doctor" robot
spawn monster_slimy_transferSpawns unknown enemy
spawn monster_sentrySpawns unknown enemy
spawn monster_iron_maidenSpawns unknown enemy
spawn monster_gunnerSpawns unknown enemy
spawn monster_gruntSpawns unknown enemy
spawn monster_failed_transferSpawns unknown enemy
spawn monster_berserkerSpawns unknown enemy

Contributed By: GTA Assassin X, Sheaman__68, and teh_yeti.

Special Characters in your MultiPlayer Name

From the Main Menu, goto Multiplayer, then goto Settings.

Then click on your name to change it.

Enter these symbols in as would with any other character.

^idm1For a Green X
^iarrFor a right arrow
^idm0For a skull and crossbones
^ifveFor a star
^idseFor the Armor Shard symbol
^iw09For the Dark Matter Gun symbol
^idblFor the Doubler symbol
^iw00For the Gauntlet symbol
^iw04For the Grenade Launcher symbol
^igrdFor the Guard symbol
^iw03For the HyperBlaster symbol
^iw08For the LightningGun symbol
^iw01For the MachineGun symbol
^iflmFor the Marine Flag symbol
^iw05For the NailGun symbol
^ipseFor the Padlock symbol
^ifddFor the Played Muted symbol
^ifdeFor the Played Unmuted symbol
^ipbeFor the PunkBuster Logo
^iw07For the RailGun symbol
^irgnFor the Regeneration symbol
^iw06For the RocketLauncher symbol
^isctFor the Scout symbol
^iw02For the Shotgun symbol
^iflsFor the Strogg Flag symbol
^ivcdFor the Voice Disabled symbol
^ivceFor the Voice Enabled symbol

Contributed By: andrewjb.

Weapon mod console codes...

Ctrl + Alt + ~ for console,

These are Weapon Mods for the weapons that you get as you progress in the game. A marine tech thoughout the game will give you these but if you want to get them now, you can. The only catch is... You need to weapon to use the mod. No problem there cause you can spawn the weapon as well or use "give all".

Note: Like mentioned above you need the weapon first to use the mod. Spawning these icon mods does not automaticly give you the weapon with the mod. It only gives you the mod itself which is useless with out the weapon.

All have been tested and work perfectly. All 3 nailgun mods seem to be the same, From what Ive seen they all do the same effect.

spawn weaponmod_rocketlauncher_homingAdds guided missile functionality (Right-click)
spawn weaponmod_lightninggun_chainAllows lightning to jump between nearby enemies
spawn weaponmod_hyperblaster_bounce1Allows shots to bounce off of walls
spawn weaponmod_machinegun_ammoextended clip to 80
spawn weaponmod_rocketlauncher_burstFire up to 3 rockets in rapid succession
spawn weaponmod_nailgun_roffirepower mod Increses firerate and amount
spawn weaponmod_nailgun_ammofirepower mod Increses firerate and amount
spawn weaponmod_nailgun_powerfirepower mod Increses firerate and amount
spawn weaponmod_nailgun_seekHoming nails with scope
spawn weaponmod_railgun_penetrateMuch more damaging railgun
spawn weaponmod_shotgun_ammoReloads using clips, instead of 1 shell at a time

Contributed By: DARQMX.


Quake 4 level codes

The password screen is the standard console, which can be gotten by holding Ctrl and Alt and pressing ~ (tilde). After the console's up, type "map game/mapname", replacing mapname with one of the codes listed below. For example, to start a new game in the Nexus Core area, you'd type: map game/core1.

airdefense1Air Defense Base (beginning of game)
airdefense2Air Defense Trenches
convoy2bAqueducts Annex
walkerConstruction Zone
network2Data Networking Security
network1Data Networking Terminal
process2Data Processing Security
storage2Data Storage Security
dispersalDispersal Facility
hangar1Hangar Perimeter
hangar2Interior Hangar
mcc_landingMCC Landing Site
core1Nexus Core
hub2Nexus Hub
hub1Nexus Hub Tunnels
mcc_1Operation: Advantage
mcc_2Operation: Last Hope
building_bPerimeter Defense Station
putraPutrification Center
recompRecomposition Center
medlabsStrogg Medical Facilities
core2The Nexus
tram1Tram Hub Station
tram1bTram Rail
wasteWaste Processing Facility

Contributed By: sdunigan.