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The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions

Easter Eggs

Another Hidden Build Object

A bat appears when you are building your own contraption on Halloween. When it gets hit with a ball, it flys around.

Contributed By: bahamut5508.

Hidden Build Object

A Leprechaun appears when you are building your own contraption on St. Patrick's Day. When he gets hit with a ball, he dances.

Contributed By: mattjh.

Hidden Part

On Halloween (October 31) you get an extra part, a glowing Jack-O-Lantern. It can be lit using a match, laser, or other ignition device. It can also be used to scare the cat, if the cat comes near it.

Contributed By: Qzor.

Hidden Part

On Christmas Day a Santa Claus lamp will appear in the part bin. It works just the same as the lava lamp just shaped like Santa.

Contributed By: Qzor.

Secret Valentine's Day Object

Play the game on Valentine's Day to unlock a Cupid part. It flies in a straight path like a blimp, but it can pop things with its arrow.

Contributed By: Mirrorkirby.