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City of Heroes

News Articles from GameSpot

New Releases - Crime and Heroes Video Feature 01/01/15
Star Trek Online dev discovers 2010 server hack 04/26/12
Death Incarnate - City of Heroes Issue 22 Trailer 03/06/12
City of Heroes Freedom Comic-Con Panel (Full) 07/22/11
City of Heroes Panel Excerpt 07/21/11
Paragon Studios talks City of Heroes: Freedom 07/21/11
City of Heroes going free-to-play route 06/21/11
Cryptic decoded by Perfect World 05/31/11
City of Heroes - Issue 20 Launch Trailer 04/05/11
City of Heroes - Issue 20: Incarnates Teaser Trailer 03/14/11
Spotlight On - City of Heroes (Updates for 2011) 03/12/11
Comic lobby rallies against California game law 09/17/10
Shippin' Out August 15-21: Kane & Lynch 2 08/16/10
City of Heroes 2 trademark filed 04/06/10
NCsoft full-year results fly on Aion 02/10/10
NCsoft profits soar 836%, Aion NA, Euro sales near 1M 11/06/09
City of Heroes/City of Villains Power Spectrum Trailer 09/16/09
NCsoft Q2 profits soar 451% with Aion 08/13/09
Guild Wars cocreator leaves NCsoft 08/12/09
Online gaming up 22% in US - Report 07/10/09
NCsoft Q1 profits jump 315% 05/11/09
City of Heroes team renamed Paragon Studios 04/14/09
Study: MMOG revs top $1.4 billion in 2008 03/24/09
Make Your Own Quests In City of Heroes 02/27/09
NCsoft full-year revs rise 5% 02/13/09
NCsoft confirms new layoffs 02/11/09
Garriott exits NCsoft as profits plummet 11/11/08
NCsoft consolidates in the West 09/10/08
NCsoft Q2 revs rise, profits plunge 08/13/08
Former SOE exec now Cryptic CEO 06/03/08
City of Heroes Official Movie 4 05/16/08
MMOGs make profits for NCsoft 05/15/08
NCsoft Double Fuses ads into COH 04/03/08
GDC '08: MMOG execs spar over genre's future 02/22/08
Marvel Universe Online officially offline 02/11/08
NCsoft sales rise, income slips 11/07/07
NCsoft moves into City of Heroes, Villains 11/06/07
NCsoft Europe expands UK office 09/26/07
Robert Garriott explains Sony-NCsoft deal 09/12/07
City of Heroes - Issue 10: Invasion Official Movie 1 08/21/07
Sales down, income up for NCsoft 08/09/07
City of Heroes: Issue 10 Official Trailer 1 07/23/07
City of Heroes Official Trailer 8 07/11/07
City of Heroes suiting up for big screen 06/07/07
NCsoft earnings up 9 percent 05/08/07
GDC 07: More City of Heroes & City of Villains update details 03/07/07
City of Heroes Official Trailer 7 03/07/07
Changes due for City of Heroes, Villains 03/06/07
City of Heroes: Good Versus Evil Combined Edition Official Trailer 11/17/06
NCsoft quarterly numbers dip 11/08/06
NCsoft boxes Heroes, Villains 09/13/06
Q&A: Cryptic on Heroes, Villains, MMOGs 08/29/06
NCsoft-Austin lays off 70 06/23/06
NCsoft opens China branch 03/27/06
NCsoft posts record revs 02/13/06
NCsoft and Marvel make nice 12/14/05
NCsoft revs up, profits down 11/07/05
City of Villains, City of Heroes to share subscribers 10/06/05
City of Heroes updated again 08/31/05
Spot On: Virtual gaming's elusive exchange rates 08/05/05
New superpowers come to City of Heroes 07/28/05
City of Heroes growing Forest of Dread 07/06/05
City of Heroes expands 05/05/05
NCsoft secures partial victory in Marvel lawsuit 03/11/05
NCSoft reveals more City of Heroes updates, comic book deal 03/09/05
NCsoft sees '04 profits double 02/04/05
NCsoft, Redbus partner in Europe 01/19/05
City of Heroes gets Euro launch date 01/11/05
Third City of Heroes update comes to the rescue 01/06/05
New City of Heroes content update details 12/10/04
City of Heroes European beta on the horizon 12/06/04
Marvel sues NCsoft over City of Heroes 11/12/04
City of Heroes Collector's Edition DVD coming soon 11/04/04
City of Villains beta details 10/28/04
NCsoft announces Euro partners 10/22/04
City of Heroes players memorialize Christopher Reeve 10/12/04
New City of Heroes update released 09/16/04
New City of Heroes features revealed 08/31/04
ChartSpot: July 2004 08/26/04
City of Heroes book deal announced 08/12/04
City of Heroes update, trailer coming 08/09/04
ChartSpot: June 2004 08/02/04
ChartSpot: May 2004 06/28/04
City of Heroes Walkthrough 06/18/04
GameSpot's Month in Review for May 2004 06/01/04
City of Heroes Gameplay Movie 9 05/06/04
City of Heroes Video Review 05/05/04
City of Heroes Review: 8.4 / 10 05/05/04
City of Heroes Retail Hands-On Impressions 04/29/04
NCsoft titles go commercial 04/28/04
City of Heroes Gameplay Movie 4 04/16/04
City of Heroes Hands-On Impressions 04/15/04
City of Heroes goes gold 04/12/04
60 City of Heroes beta winners announced 03/05/04
City of Heroes Preview 03/01/04
City of Heroes beta contest opens 03/01/04
NCsoft announces preorder campaigns 02/11/04
New City of Heroes character unveiled 07/25/03
Design a hero for City of Heroes 06/25/03
City of Heroes E3 2003 Preshow Report 05/14/03
NCsoft announces E3 lineup 04/29/03
E3 2002City of Heroes impressions 05/24/02
E3 2002: City of Heroes preshow report 05/22/02
City of Heroes Q&A 04/24/02
NCsoft picks up City of Heroes 03/11/02
City of Heroes update 10/15/01
City of Heroes Q&A 10/08/01
City of Heroes announced 09/26/01