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X-COM: Interceptor


Cheat Codes

Press Ctrl + E together or Ctrl + W together and wait for a low double tone. Then enter one of the following codes for the desired effect.

knowitallActivate Full Research
smarmsArms Dealer Side Mission
quickbaseConstruction Completed on All Bases
smreconCorporate Recon Side Mission
paydayMore Money
joyrideNo Aliens
smnovaNova Bomb Side Mission
smrescuePirate Base Rescue Side Mission
smrogueRogue Freighter Side Mission
fillerupUnlimited Flight Range Time

Contributed By: Desert eagle and Evil Penguin.

Cheats in battle

Press Ctrl+E until you hear the double tone. Type 'battlecheats'. (Without the marks.) You will now be able to do certain cheats in battle!

[Alt] + XCycle Weapons
Alt+` (on an English Keyboard)Destroy Target
Alt+# (on an American Keyboard)Destroy Target
[Alt] + OSuicide

Contributed By: DoubleOhChaz and Llamaman2.