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Postal 2


Cheat Codes

Press the shift and the @ key or the ~ key on some systems to make the Game Console Window Appear. Type in SISSY to enable the cheat modes then enter any of the following below for goodies...

OsamaAll Non-Players become Fanatics
WhatchutalkinboutAll Non-Players become Gary Coleman
SwimWithFishesAll Radar Items
BlockMyAssBody Armor
RockinCatsChange Guns to have Cats on them
IAmTheLawCop Uniform
walkDisables flight and ghost modes
splodincatsDisables ricocheting cats
slomo 1disables Slow-Motion
WhatchutalkingaboutEveryone is Coleman
LikeABirdyFly Mode
HealthfulFull Health, 4 Medkits
PacNHeatGet Every Destructive Weapon
IFeelFreeGhost Mode
SmackDatAssGimp Suit
AlamodeGod Mode
PayLoadLots of Ammo in All Weapons
JewsForJesusLots of Cash
IAmTheOneLots of Catnip
LotsAPussyLots of Cats
BoyAndHisDogLots of Dog Treats
lotsadogsLots of Dogs
PiggyTreatsLots of Doughnuts
JonesLots of Health Pipes
iamsolameMaximum ammo, invincibility, and all weapons
GhostNo Clipping (Walk Through Walls)
headshotsOne shot kills
DokkinCatsRemoves Cat Repeating Guns
SetdayReset Day to Monday
FireInYourHoleRocket Cameras
nowwedanceScissors machin gun
slomoSlow Motion
playersonlyStop Every Non-Triggered Action
boppincatsWhen gun is shooting cats, cats will ricochet

Contributed By: cubewarrior18, eli0918, GeekGear, sirgallahad32, pajo999, TheKillerSpork, Innocent Blood, and Koolkyle5.

Misc. Codes

BEHINDVIEW 0Changes to first person view
BEHINDVIEW 1Changes to third person view
SetAllErrandsUnComplete()Reset all errands, make hate groups not hate anymore
ResetCops()Reset police and wanted status
SetAllErrandsComplete()Set all errands complete, turns on hat player groups
SetTodaysErrandsComplete()Set all of today's errands as complete, turns on hate player groups
SetDay(<day number>)Set the day, all errands before that day completed
playersonlyToggle all non-player triggered animations and actions to stop
Set the day, reload level for that dayWarpToDay(<day number>)

Contributed By: Undergrads2003 and King0Nothing0.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game onceEnhanced Mode

Contributed By: SushimanX.


Turn off timer in Demo

Go into the Console

Set Gamestate Demotime 9999

Enjoy the demo for as long as you like

Contributed By: cubewarrior18.