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Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns


Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press ''enter'' and type these codes:

forcebuildBuild Faster
SUDDENLY SILENCEDBuildings and Units do more damage
scaryneighborCreate a Regular Boat
imperial entanglementsCreates Imperial Star Destroyer
darksidexDestroy an individual opponent. The last character, "x", stands for the number of the opponent whom you wish to destroy.
tarkinDestroys All Enemies
The fighters are coming in too fastFaster Aircrafts
forceexploreFull Map
forcecarbonGives 1000 Carbon
forcefoodGives 1000 Food
forcenovaGives 1000 Nova Crystals
forceoreGives 1000 Ore
The Force Is Strong With This OneJedi turning is sharper
simonsaysKiller Ewok
forcesightRemove Fog of War
Tantive IVSpawns a Blockade Runner
That's No MoonSpawns a Death Star
Galactic UpheavalSpawns a Decimator
Intensify forward fire powerStronger ground forces
The most Powerful JediStronger Jedi
skywalkerWin Mission

Contributed By: ArcticRecon, Hammerite Heretic, dbudzik, Laplace, and Odwolda.