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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2


Command Line Codes

Start the game with the following in the command line parameter to enable the following cheats:

+nofrustrationDisable confirmations
+nomipmapDisable mipmapping
+nomovieDisable movies
+nomusicDisable music
+nofrontendDisable on screen display
+noparticlesDisable particle effects
+noreverbDisable reverberation
+nosndDisable sound effects
+minfrontEnables main menu
+screenshotsEnables screenshots
+ghostInvisible to others
+helicoptersOnlyOnly police helicopters
+opentreeUnlocks all events

Contributed By: Starky27.


Unlockable Cars

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Earn 2,000,000 pointsDodge Viper GTS
Lead any race for 8 laps on full grid, advancedFerrari F50
Complete Hot Pursuit Event 5Ford Crown Victoria
Earn 2,500,000 pointsLamborghini Diablo 6.0 VT
Earn 3,000,000 pointsLamborghini Murcielago
Earn 4,000,000 pointsMcLaren F1
Earn 5,000,000 points OR Win the World ChampionshipsMcLaren F1 LM
Earn 4,500,000 pointsMercedes CLK GTR
Earn 800,000 pointsPorsche 911 Turbo
Earn 3,500,000 pointsPorsche Carrera GT
Lead any race until completion any modeVauxhall VX220

Contributed By: Starky27.


Buy all cars for $10

To buy all cars for $10, use Notepad to open the ''cars.ini'' file in your Cars folder and make the following modifications:


Contributed By: Janors 2.

Change Price of Tracks

To change the price of the tracks, open up the ''tracks.ini'' file in the Tracks folder and edit all lines starting with ''m_price'' like so:


Contributed By: Janors 2.

Fast Moving Cop Cars

Open the cars directory.
In each of the sub-directories, open the car_cop.ini file.
Change the mass to either 100.0 or 100.00 .
Save the file.

*Remember if you want to revert to the original settings for the car, keep a backup copy of the original car_cop.ini file.

Contributed By: HyDr0B3Ar.

Get the tracks fast

1-Go to ''tracks'' sub-folder in the game directory.
2-Use text editor to edit the ''tracks.ini'' file.
3-Change the values in ''m_price[0]=0'' to m_price[0]=*''
4-Do the same with ''m_price[1]=1000'', ''m_price[2]=1000'', m_price[3]=1000.
5-Save the file.

Now you can get all tracks for the $ that you set!
* is the number that you set, it can be any number.
*Create a backup copy of the files before doing eneything!!!!

Contributed By: adam3k3.

Instant tune up for any car

As well as the ''changing the mass'' cheat, there is also this easy cheat that works along similar lines.
Go to the cars folder in the installation directory.
Open the folder of a powerful car, like the F1, F50 etc.
Copy the CAR.INI file from here and paste it over the original CAR.INI file of a slower car in its own folder, eg the Elise.
This instantly gives that car the speed and handling characteristics of the F1/F50 etc.
Rememeber to make a copy of the original CAR.INI file if you want to revert it back to standard afterwoods.

Contributed By: welshbeast.

Use helicopter, roadblocks, and backup more than three times

Here's what you do.
A) Goto your Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 directory
B) Goto the AI directory
C) Double click on the file AIChaseDefs.ini
D) Go down to where it says SingleRaceSupportMax
E) Change the number after the equal sign to 100
F) Go down to where it says #startPursuitLevel
G) Change the number after the equal sign to 100
H) Go down to where it says #startPursuitStrategy
I) Change the number after the equal sign to 100
J) Go down to where it says #freezeCops
K) Change the number after the equal sign to 100

Contributed By: hshark6.