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RollerCoaster Tycoon 2


Guest Names

Change a guests name to the following for fun effects:

Michael SchumacherDrives go-karts even faster
Tony DayHungry guest
Simon FosterMakes portraits of rides
Malpays triple the price
Chris SawyerTakes pictures of rides

Contributed By: Starky27, smurfster1, and Yogimaster6.


Remove Tall Grass

If your grass is really getting out of hand, just choose the land tool. Click once on the plot of grass and the tall weeds will disappear. You can increase the size of the land tool to clear the grass more quickly. It still won't be freshly cut, but guests won't complain about uncut grass. Plus, it's totally free compared to the handymen.

Contributed By: GurraJG.

Easter Eggs

A Little Fun with the Guests...

(NOTE: The following cheats require that you re-name a guest to one of the below names.)

Chris Sawyer= Takes pictures of rides
Simon Foster= Makes potraits of rides
John Wardley= Constantly thinks, ''Wow!''
John Mace= Pays double price
Damon Hill= Drives Go-Karts twice as fast as others
Mr. Bean= Drives Go-Karts twice as slow as others
Katie Brayshaw= Waves at guests
Melanie Warn= Guest becomes very happy and stays in park.

Contributed By: ND9k.

Another Name Easter Egg

Rename a guest
Nancy Stillwagon,
and when she gets in queue lines, she'll give the people in front of here Ice Cream cones.

Contributed By: CoasterXtremist.

Click The Ducks

When you have a map with a lake or river there is going to be ducks. If you click on the ducks they quack. Sometimes it doesn't work so don't be mad if it doesn't work. If it doesn't work you can try other ducks.

Contributed By: SimpRgr8.

More Name Games

Andy Hine-Says strange things after getting off rides.
Elissa White-She loves Intamin rides.
David Ellis-Says ''And here we are on <Insert name of ride>

Contributed By: sk8er59.

Pop the balloons

You have to buy a balloon shop. Once people buy the balloons you will be able to see the people with the balloons. Sometimes people will drop the balloons, so the balloons will be floating. If you click on the balloon while it’s floating it will pop the balloon.

Contributed By: SimpRgr8.


Multiple Guest Names

If you want to use the ''cheats'' above more than once, just alter the spelling of the name.

[Example] Chris Sawyer= chris sawyer= Chris sawyeR

You can do this with any name or any ''cheat''.

Contributed By: ND9k.