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Crazy Taxi


Cheat Codes

Please enter these at the driver/car selection screen:

control + alt + shift + F8Another day level
control + alt + shift + F9Bike taxi
control + alt + shift + F7Expert mode
control + alt + shift + F6No arrows
control + alt + shift + F5No destination marks

Contributed By: CronoLV99.


Extra Features

Please do the following:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Do a crazy drift, wait until spun 180 degrees, then press reverse + drive.$99,999 and points
Complete 9 mini-games, then the 6 new ones that are unlocked in the process. Then complete the final new mini-game. New bikes at select screen.Extra Bikes
Select arcade mode and 10 minutes. Pick up someone, go underwater, and wait two minutes.Extra Time (10 more minutes)

Contributed By: CronoLV99.


Hidden Customers

Drive off the freeway and go past the police station. Take the first right then the first left. On the next right there is a ramp, drive up it and to get on the roof of a building for a customer.

Enable the ''Another day mode'' code, begin the game in original mode. There is a hidden customer in the water by the pier.

A hidden customer is near the parking structure. Drive up the ramp then fall off the end of the structure on the far left side. You will then see a customer on the roof of the building you just landed on.

Contributed By: CronoLV99.