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Midnight Club II


Cheat Codes

After starting a new game or loading an old game, go to the options mode -> cheat codes then type the following:

tumblerAllowes Cars to do Wheelies in air.
octaneGet Nitrous
howfastcanitbe(0-9)Makes the oppoents slower or faster depending on the number selected.
starpowerPress F to fire gun, and disables damage
leatherandlacePress F to fire gun, press H to fire rocket, and disables damage
starlitePsychedelic View
howhardcanitbe(0-9)Sets difficulty
upupdowndownTurns off all cheats
yerbamateUnlimited nitrous
rimbukUnlock all cars, modes, cities, and drivers in arcade mode
griswoldUnlock all Cities
theparrotUnlock all racing modes

Contributed By: IONO, Ichiro, ozone vt4, and Starky27.


Unlockable Cars

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the Angel race "Drag"1971 Bestia
Complete all of Stephane's racesAlarde
Complete all of Blog's racesBoost
Complete all of Jewel and Julie's racesBryanston V
Complete all of Moses's racesCiti
Complete all of Gina's racesCiti Turbo
Complete the Biker's race(one of Gina's races)Cohete
Complete all of Steven's racesEmu
Complete all of Ian's racesFripon X
Complete all of Angel's racesInterna
Complete all of Dice's racesJersey XS
Complete all of Nikko's racesKnight
Complete all 5 LA circuit racesLAPD car
Complete all of Ichiro's racesLusso XT
Complete all of Parfait's racesModo Prego
Complete all of Ian's racesMonsoni
Complete all of Hector's racesMonstruo
Complete all of Zen's racesNousagi
Complete all 6 Paris circuit racesParis Cop Car
Complete all of Shing's racesRSMC 15
Complete all of Haley's racesSaikou
Complete all of Kenichi's racesSaikou XS
Complete all of Primo's racesSchneller V8
Complete the game 100%(All the career/circuit races completed)SLF450X
Complete all of Farid's racesStadt
Complete all 7 Tokyo circuit racesTokyo Cop Car
Complete all of Makoto's racesTorque JX
Complete all of Maria's racesTorrida
Complete all of the world champion(Savo)'s racesVeloci
Complete all of Inspector Owen's racesVictory
Complete all of Ricky's racesVortex 5

Contributed By: mypantsaresobaggy.

Unlockable Driving Controls

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete all of Dice's races2-Wheel Driving
Complete Angel's first raceBurnout
Complete Maria's pre-raceIn-Air Controls
Complete all of Moses's racesNitrous Oxide Boost System
Complete all of Hector's racesSlipstream Turbo

Contributed By: mypantsaresobaggy.

Unlockable Levels

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete all of Dice's racesParis
Complete all of Parfait's racesTokyo

Contributed By: mypantsaresobaggy.