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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Easter Eggs

E.T. Movie Refrence

When you go back to Barnett College to get Plato's Lost Dialog, go into the main room (not Indy's office) and look at the bulletin board. Look At the blue paper. Indy will read ''Edward Teller, Phone Home.''

Contributed By: InternalFlame.


Alternate Ending

In Atlantis, free Sophia from her cell, but when she gets posessed, don't rescue her. When you complete the game, you will get a slightly different (and somewhat creepy) ending.

Contributed By: Mario1999.


If you are caught in the desert by legionnaires or Nazis give them the bird statue to bribe them and let you continue.

Contributed By: Fragnarok.

Death blow

To kill most enemies in one shot hit the insert key during a fight.

Contributed By: Fragnarok.

Kill Sophia

When you meet Sophia imprisoned in Atlantis don’t free her from her cell and later she will die.

Contributed By: Fragnarok.

See your stats

When the inventory screen is available, press "I". Your inventory will turn into a stats screen, showing your path, your score, and the combined score of all the other saved files. Press "I" again to switch back to your inventory.

Contributed By: Mario1999.