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Championship Manager Season 01/02


Buy any ''Listed for loan'' player for less

This is a cheaper way to buy a player that's up for loan.

1. Make an offer to loan the player.
2. If the club accepts, he should join your club for a month or however long you specified the loan to last.
3. Whenever you don't need him (straight away if he's a good prospect for the future), terminate the loan deal.
4. Go back to the player's information screen, and set his transfer status to not needed and transfer listed from the drop-down list.

This can save you loads of money. You can get hot prospects for cheap instead of for £10s of millions in a few years.

Contributed By: FEF.

Quit game without saving

To quit the game and return to windows without saving first, simply Retire from your club and football and then click on the ''Restart Game'' option. The game will restart without prompting you to save.

Contributed By: Millers C.


Begin game during the middle of the season.

When beginning a new game, select the league you wish to play and the USA league as well. When prompted, select USA as the season data you wish to load. When the game has loaded up, select the team from the league you wish to play and you will find that half of the season will be completed and you will begin in January rather than July.

Contributed By: Millers C.

Get any big name player for free

Should you want to buy a big name player, but the other team won't accept your bid, simply take charge of the team that your desired player plays for, fine him a couple of times, then make a bid with your original team, the player should sign straight away, if not, keep fining him.

Contributed By: AndyTheBlue.

Lower player's status without lowering morale

If you want to lower a player's Squad Status, but don't want him to get angry/unhappy with you, do the following:

Firstly, Put him on the Transfer Market.
After this, change his squad status to ''Backup'' or ''Hot Prospect'' (while still Transfer listed)
Wait 2 or 3 days. Come back and remove him from the transfer market. You can then give him a new status if you like, and he will be still Happy with his Role at the Club.

Note: This works with all players, even Superstars like Figo, Zidane.

Contributed By: AlaskaFox.

Manage International Teams

If you want to manage an international team without earning it, go to Add Manager. Then choose a club to manage, click on Competitions from the menu bar at the left of the screen and go to International - World Rankings. Choose the nation, and then click on Take Control of Team.

Contributed By: AlaskaFox.

Sell players for more money

When someone comes in with a bid for one of your players, Choose 'Exchange Player' and choose to exchange a player who is alot more expensive than your player. Then negotiate the deal. The other team will come back in about 2/3 days with a much higher offer which you can gladly accept.

Contributed By: AlaskaFox.