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Hard Truck 2


Driving Cheats

All these codes are inputed while on pause:

type 'advancedmap'a more detailed map
type in 'turbine'. to go fast forward, press F1 while playing. F2 to go backward, F3 to go up, and F4 to go downa very fast boost of speed
type in 'freerepair'. While playing, hit backspace for it to work.free repair
Type in HARDTRUCKISTHEBEST (in all caps, either by holding Shift or by pressing Caps Lock)Gives money, one license to hire, enables repair by pressing Backspace, enables speed boost by holding Ctrl and pressing 1, 2, 3, or4
WININALOTTERYGives you $50000 and a license to hire a driver.
MINESOFFTurn off mines. This only works if you have installed the lastest Hard Truck 2 patch.
FILLUPUnlimited Fuel
FREERECOVERWith this code activated, hit Crtl + 5 to recover for free at any time.

Contributed By: Cait Sith Cat, PrimusUnleashed, Computer Wiz, ASF, and gameprsn.