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Damage Incorporated


Cheat Codes

Hold Ctrl and then enter the following codes during gameplay for the desired effect.

axesAccess Card
thrillAll Weapons
phishAlternate View
kdcsBeserk Squad Members
qedComplete Mission Objectives
blueDisplay Locations on Map
godeyeDisplay Opponents on Map
extExtraction Zone Area
klatuFreeze Opponents
armFull Armor
atheistGod Mode
acidInfrared Vision
vomitLarger Field of View
MMandatory Suicide Missions
ventMP5N Machine Gun
medicRestore Squad Health
hellRestore Your Health
nimrodRevolting Squad
dethRocket Launcher
soiaSkip Current Mission
ksaSlay Squad Member #1
ksbSlay Squad Member #2
kscSlay Squad Member #3
ksdSlay Squad Member #4
asdSuper Jump
chatTalkative Squad
wooTwo Pistols
freedomTwo Shotguns

Contributed By: Mike Truitt.

Level Select

Hold [Alt] + [Ctrl] at the main menu to display the level selection screen.

Contributed By: Llamaman2.