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Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside


Alternate Ending

Complete the side-quest (collect 20 socks) to have a different ending when you beat the game.

Contributed By: Dao.

Different Ending Dialog

If you played a game of Cheese and Crackers against the toaster during your adventure, then some of the dialog during the ending cut-scene will be different.

Contributed By: salty53.


Cheese and Crackers Mini-Game

Get in the mine cart, and go to the area of the mines with the one-way door. Pick up the pick-ax nearby. Go to the mines area labeled "GOLD" by several signs, and ride through until you stop in front of some gold. Use the pick-ax to get some of the gold. Leave the mines and go to the boat dock, then ride the boat to the stone bridge. Give the bridge the gold, and it will let you cross. On the other side, you will see 3 tic-tac-toe boards - one 3 by 3, one 5 by 5, and one 7 by 7. Click on one to play a game of Cheese and Crackers, a tic-tac-toe type game, on that size board.

Contributed By: salty53.

Nuggets Mini-Game

Once you un-rust the mine cart, go into the area labeled "GOLD" with a bunch of arrows and signs. When you enter, you will have to click the directions you want to go quickly. First take the left path, then the upper-left path, and finally the upper path. If you do it well, you will stop in front of an arcade machine that lets you play nuggets. In Nuggets, you control a mine cart and must collect gems while avoiding various obstacles and picking up bonuses.

Contributed By: salty53.