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Steam Achievements

Actually solve level garlicActual Best
Complete all actual challenge levelsActual Solution
Create a conveyor belt of 10 signsAll Aboard!
Place a sign on every square of the credits levelAll Signed Up
Complete all medium levelsAverage Joe
Create an endless loop in a level using two directional signsBack And Forth
Fail a level 15 times in a rowClueless
Create an endless loop in a level using a conveyorConvey Away
Complete all easy levelsEasy Going
Create an endless loop in a level using a telewarpEndless Telewarping
Create an endless loop in a Hard levelEternally Hard
Find the hidden Toki Tori statueHidden Chicken
Complete all tutorial levelsIn the Right Direction
Complete all hard levelsIt's a Hard Block Life
Create an endless loop in a Medium levelLoop de Loop
Complete all hidden levelsNo Hiding Cubism
Create an endless loop in an Easy levelNo Need to Rush
Lead 1111 cubes to their exitsNumber One Savior
Make 6 collisions at the same timePile Up
Find all hidden levelsSleuth
Complete the Solar Flare levelSolar Flare
Solve a level different from how the hint system suggestsThat's Different
Find a hidden levelTracker
Complete a level with signs to spareTraffic Control

Contributed By: Guard Master and th3l3fty.