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Monday Night Combat


Steam Achievements

Achieved a Triple Kill3-fer
Completed "playoff" blitz modeAll Star
Score 30 Kills in a Crossfire MatchAll Star Sacker
Score a 6 Kill MultikillAll Time Great
Collect 100 bacon pickupsBacon Hunter
Kill an enemy pro with explosion damage with your back turned.Bayheimer
Score 100,000 Kills on Slim BotsBig Break
Destroy 2500 rockit turretsBreak The Armor
Score 100,000 Kills on BuzzersBzzz
Achieved a kill on an opposing player while they were upgrading skills in a Crossfire matchCaught 'em Nappin'
Score 2500 Kills with Assault's RifleCenter of Attention
Score 2500 Kills with the Sniper RifleDrop The Boom
Completed "the scramble" blitz modeElusive
Completed "exhibition" blitz modeExhibitor
Achieved a pancake on an opposing player using the Gunner's Ground Slam abilityFlapjack Master
Score 100,000 Kills on GremlinsG's
Score 150 ejector killsGet Out Of Here
Destroy 2500 shave ice turretsGlobal Warming
Score 1000 Kills on Jackbot XLsGrand Prize
Achieved 10 grapple kills in a Crossfire matchGrappler
Score 2500 Kills on Gap ShotsGround Rule
Attach a Support Air Strike Beacon to an enemy ProGround Zero
Attach an Assault Bomb to an enemy ProHead Crab
Destroy 2500 long shot turretsHell Mary
Achieved a 3 kill streak in a Crossfire matchHot Streak
Score 100,000 Kills on Black JacksHouse Wins
Score a Kill with a melee attackHumiliation
Pickup a total of 100 prizes is one matchI Got Candy!
Destroy 2500 lazer blazer turretsInto The Breach
Score 2500 Kills with the Gunner's Minigun or Dual MinigunKeep 'Em Down
Score 2500 Kills on ScramblersLich
Achieved "Most Valuable Player" in a Crossfire matchMvp
Score 2500 Kills with the Assassin's Dagger or SwordNinja
Achieved a Ring Out during a Crossfire matchOutta My House!
Recieve over $9000 in lifetime earnings after a Crossfire MatchOver 9000
Use juice 7 times in one matchOverdose
Build or Upgrade a Lazer Blazer Turret 500 timesPew Pew
Score 2500 Kills with the Tank's Jet GunRed Hot
Score 150 RingoutsRingouts
Finish tutorialRookie
Achieved 15 kills in a Crossfire matchSacker
Completed "season" blitz modeSeasoned Veteran
Build or Upgrade a Shave Ice Turret 500 timesSpeed Kills
Score a Kill with the Jet Gun's alternate fire spin while juicedSpin N Juice
Build or Upgrade a RockIt Turret 500 timesStand N Deliver
Score 2 Jackbot Kills in a single Crossfire MatchStrike It XL
Score the most kills in a single Crossfire MatchTeam Leader
Score the most assists in a single Crossfire MatchTeam Player
Score 2500 Kills with Support's Heal/Hurt GunThe Draw
Score 2500 Kills on BouncersThrown Out
Score a 25 Kill StreakUber Streak

Contributed By: Guard Master and th3l3fty.