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Oil Rush


Steam Achievements

make 100500 damageAgression
Apply Radar skill 10 timesAll-seeing Eye
Capture all platforms of the enemyBest defense is a good offence
Sell tower with less than 20% HP under fireBest seller
Capture all enemy platformsChe Guevara
Sell 10 towersCheater
Complete the mission without launching NukesClean hands
unlock +3 limitCrowd lord
3 level towers on a platformDefence engineer
Apply Mine Field skill 5 timesDemolition Man
Unlock oil extraction x1.5Drill baby,drill!
Win when there's only 50 oil left in the regionDrought
Complete "Another Path" chapterEnlightened
Crush Raiders stealing oilExecutioner
Complete the mission launching NukesFallout
Finish construction of all 3 platformsForeman
Breach enemy defenses without capturing Oil RigFrenzy
Begin the educationFresh meat
Pass 3 platforms to allyGood friend
Destroy all Oil BargesGulf of Mexico
Complete Arctic map on hard levelHard Arctic
Complete "Frozen Hell" chapterIcehead
Win having one platform leftLast Stand
Complete "Riot Raiders" chapterLaw and Order
Capture Oil Rig 5 times with SeagullsMine! Mine! Mine!
Guide all 12 Wooden JunksMoses
play 5 hours non-stopNon-stop fun
5 nukes per gameNuke master
Controll all oil rigs for 5 minOil tycoon
Have 20 towers completely builtParanoid
Avoid unnecessary violencePeace maker
win 10 network matchesPWNED!
Apply Napalm skill 5 timesPyroman
Shoot down all pursuersRambo
20 mines blownSeasoned Kamikaze
Guide precisely a half of Wooden JunksSemiconductor
Steal 200 oil from Oil StoragesSteal @ Kill
Complete single player campaignThe last drop
5 min constant fightThis is Sparta!
Apply both Barricade and Propaganda in one gameViva La Revolution!
Apply Accelerate Construction skill three timesWorkaholic

Contributed By: Guard Master.