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Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2006 with 4x4 Off Road Adventure

Cabela's 4x4 Off-Road Adventure 3 Cheats


Various codes

When starting a game, use the launcher.exe, then enter these codes during gameplay.

NoClipCora <0 or 1>Clip mode on or off
BuyAllAccsGet every accessory
GiveMoney <number>Get money
CheatUseStaminaGet more stamina
GodModeCora <0 or 1>God mode on or off
CheatRepairAllCarPartVehicle is repaired

Contributed By: Robbie Kennedy.

Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2006 Cheats

Various Codes

Enter these while on the console

Mod_spawnanimal <Name>Animal appears
Mod_endmissionEnd the current mission
Mod_settiredness <number>Fatigue Number
Mod_animalcam <0 - 1>Follow an animal
Mod_autoequipGet items in bag for free
Mod_needmoney <number>Get the amount of money that you put in
Mod_ctbmul <Floating point number>Get world detail with 0 being the biggest
Mod_givemission <#>Give career mission
Mod_movetocarGo straight to vehicle
Mod_gotoanimalGo to a random animal
Mod_sethunger <number>Hunger Number
Mod_teleporthereMake weapon appear
Mod_bspandpos <0 or 1>Map and Coordinates on/off
Mod_movetopos <x y z>Move to the coordinates you put in
Mod_movetoent <place>Move to the point of level you put in
Mod_fogcolor <0-255 x 3>Set the fog colour. The first number set is red, then green, then blue
Mod_settime <0-23> <00-59>Set the time
Mod_playvoiceThe voice plays for next mission
Mod_setthirst <number>Thirst Number

Contributed By: Robbie Kennedy.