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Quatra Command


The Enemy's Ships Have Been Sighted... And Suddenly You're In Command! You were ordered to the Quatra Sector to investigate and confirm that enemy battle ships have been sighted. But as you came out of hyperspace, your communications system was damaged and now you can't contact your outpost. The command decisions are yours to make. What now? You must take on the enemies singlehandedly and obtain their weapons. Not only will this help you score points, but it will help your mission. Look out! The enemy is shooting at you! It's important to maneuver carefully and avoid being hit. People are depending on you. Feeling courageous? Move up another level to improve your score. But don't forget your true mission - to protect the Quatra Sector with all your skill and daring! Try the fast-paced, action-packed game that puts you in command -- Quatra Command.
Release Date: 1994