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Legend of Grimrock


Using the Console

To enable the console, go to My Documents\Almost Human\Legend Of Grimrock. Open the grimrock.CFG. file and look for the line that says "console = false". Change "false" to "true". The next line should read "consolekey = 200". Change the number to "192". Then save the changes. When you start the game, the tilde key will bring up the console. It will be small and at the top of the screen. Type the codes just like you see them here. Note that, if you look up the names of items in the dungeon editor...you can enter their names between the quotation marks...and spawn just about any item in the game. For example: spawn "rock" will spawn a rock, spawn "compass" will spawn a compass, etc. Be sure to press "enter" after typing in the codes. also note, that names are case sensitive. "Tome_Wisdom" will not work, but "tome_wisdom" does.

party:heal()Restores all party members
spawn("[editor ID Name]")Spawns [Editor ID name]
spawn("arrow")Spawns a Broadhead Arrow
spawn("longbow")Spawns a Crookhorn Longbow
spawn("poison_arrow")Spawns a poison arrow
spawn("quarrel")Spawns a quarrel
spawn("rock")Spawns a rock
spawn("serpent_bracer")Spawns a serpent bracer
spawn("shuriken")Spawns a shuriken
spawn("throwing_knife")Spawns a Throwing Knife
spawn("tome_wisdom")Spawns a Tome of Wisdom
spawn("torch_everburning")Spawns a Torch that never runs out
spawn("venom_edge")Spawns a Venom edge
spawn("wooden_box")Spawns a wooden box
spawn("assassin_dagger")Spawns an Assassin's Dagger
spawn("icefall_hammer")Spawns and Icefall Hammer
spawn("iron_key")Spawns and Iron Key
spawn("ogre")Spawns and Ogre in front of you
spawn("dismantler")Spawns the Dismantler
spawn("shield_elements")Spawns The Shield of Elements
spawn("zhandul_orb")Spawns Zhandul's Orb

Contributed By: TSotP, KingLysandus, and BahaBulle.


Play as Toorum!

After obtaining the "Buddies with Toorum" achievement, start a new game, choose the 'create characters' option, and name your first hero 'Toorum', then press Enter. You will hear a chime and be able to play Toorum!

Contributed By: Irish_Invasion.


Steam Achievements

Mix 10 potionsApprentice Alchemist
Cast 25 spellsApprentice Wizard
Cast 500 spellsArchmage
Backstab a monsterBackstabber
Give Toorum a handBuddies With Toorum
Solve the Checkered room puzzleCheckered Room
Find DismantlerDismantler
Complete the game with old school modeDoin' It Old School
Survive the invasion of white blobsDungeon Hero
Finish first level in under 4 minutesDungeon Runner
Get into the PrisonEnter The Prison
Find entrance to the Vault of DismantlerEnter The Vault
Travel 10000 tilesGo the Extra Mile
Complete the game with hard difficulty settingHard Boiled
Open all iron doorsHere's Johnny
Kill a monster by dropping or teleporting on itI Use Gravity As a Weapon
Collect and wear full set of chitin armor (4 pieces)I'm the Bugman!
Collect and wear full set of Valor armor (6pieces)Knight in a Shining Armor
Collect and wear full set of plate mail (5 pieces)Like a Sardine In a Can
Perform 500 ranged weapon attacksMarksman
Mix 50 potionsMaster Alchemist
Complete the gameMaster of the Dungeon
Cast 250 SpellsMaster Wizard
Kill 250 monstersMonster Killer
Collect and wear lurker's wardrobe (4 pieces)Ninja Style
Kill your first ogreOgre Slayer
Find the piePiece of the Pie
Jump 25 times into a pitPitfall
Find 50 secretsSecret Searcher
Find 25 secretsSecret Sniffer
Find 10 secretsSecret Spotter
Find all secretsSeeker of Secrets
Obtain level 50 in any skillSkill Mastery
Find 5 skullsSkull Snatcher
Survive the slimesSlimed
Throw a rock 100 timesStoner
Perform 500 melee weapon attacksSwordsman
Perform 250 unarmed attacksTavern Brawler
Find all treasuresTreasure Hunter
Find Zhandul's OrbZhandul's Orb

Contributed By: Guard Master.