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Avernum: Escape From the Pit


Console Commands

Press Ctrl-D during gameplay end enter the code!

Returns you to Fort Avernum. Very useful if you get stuck.backtostart
Stops making all characters appear on your automap.dontshowmeall
Brings up the character editor, enabling you to freely edit your partyís skills, traits, and spells.editor
Makes all of the areas in the game forget your crimes. If you were hated there, you wonít be anymore.forgiveme
See Avernumís current frame rate.fps
Gives your main character some cake.giveasnack
Recharges your spell energy.iamdrained
Gives you 500 coins.iampoor
If you killed the dragon Athron before she could give you a key piece of information, this cheat code will teach it to you.ikilledathron
Gives you some experience.iwanttobestronger
Gives each of your characters multiple blessings.leetbuffz
Heals and cures your group.ouchouchouch
Cures any character that is suffering from a mental effect. Also removes a death curse.owmybrains
Returns all boats to their starting positions. Boats you previously purchased will no longer be your property.resetboats
Makes all characters (even ones you canít see) appear on your automap.showmeall

Contributed By: pirchl.