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Shank 2


Evil character

This code able to unlock a character his name is Evil , when you finish the game in normal mode : up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right

Contributed By: EZIO12RIAD.



Completing the conditions for certain medals will unlock characters. These characters can be used in survival modes and have different stats, however these differences do not carry over if they are used in story mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Buy everything in survival modeBoogie
Survive 15 consecutive wavesBubbles
Kill an enemy with a sinkCesar
Perform 60 pistol counter killsChop Chop
Kill a goon by throwing a bomberClassic Shank
Perform 100 turret killsDefender
Complete Campaign on hardFalcone
Defeat all waves of a survival mapHobo
Reach the zombie wave in each survival mapHorror
Perform 50 fire trap killsJunior
Perform 100 grenade killsKat
Complete Campaign on normalRex
Perform 20 bat counter killsRin
Purchase an item in survivalSunshine

Contributed By: superbuu3.


Steam Achievements

Find the kitchen sink and kill someone with itAnd the Kitchen Sink
Execute 150 kills with the baseball batBatter Up!
Do 10 combos of 20 hits or moreCombo King
Kill 100 enemies using the shovelDitch Digger
Rescue 50 Civilians From The MilitiaFreedom Fighter
Kill a Survival Boss with no traps or grenadesGimmick Free
Buy nothing for 10 straight waves of SurvivalNo Bargains
Do 30 counters in one Survival matchNot So Fast...
Perform 60 Pistol Counter KillsPistol Heimlich
Kill 50 enemies with the heavy object smashShank, SMASH!
Buy everything in Survival ModeShopaholic
Go 15 waves without either player dying in Survival ModeSurf's Up
Perform 100 Machete Counter KillsThat's Gonna Leave A Mark
Kill 12 enemiesThe First Dozen
Complete Campaign Mode on Normal difficultyThe Story Ends
Complete Campaign Mode on Hard difficultyToo Easy
Get 30 firetrap kills in one Survival matchTrigger Happy
Defeat all the waves in any Survival Mode mapUltimate Survivalist
Beat a Campaign level with no ranged attacksUp Close and Personal
Reach the zombie wave in each Survival mapZombie Killer

Contributed By: Guard Master.