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Fate of the World: Tipping Point


Steam Achievements

Move all regions to have 'Green' outlooks.Bein' Green
Beat the Cornucopia mission!Copious
Beat the Denial mission!Denied
Tobin Tax the Middle EastDinar Donation
Tobin tax northern africaDirham Dealings
Research artificial intelligence.Hello, world
Reach 2200 without a global financial crashMarkets Managed
Move all regions to have 'Consumerist' outlooks.Material World
Globally ban CoalMiner Distruption
Beat The Flood mission!New Place Like Home
Globally ban OilOil Be Waiting
Globally ban Gas.Out of Gas
Tobin tax latin americaPeso Profits
Tobin tax southern africaRand Received
Tobin tax indiaRupee Reward
Complete 2nd generation fusion powerWinning Combination

Contributed By: Guard Master.