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Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Episode 1 - The Hangman


Steam Achievements

Find the hidden Phoenix Online LogoA Little Birdie
Examine the Scarlet Furies posterA Parallel Universe
McAdams doesn’t trust you after a tense exchange in a carA Question of Dust
McAdams trusts you after a tense exchange in a carA Question of Trust
You went a little too far and the interrogation subject passed outAsphyxia
Let Jetta die during the undercover operationAvoidable Casualties
Successfully help a friend remember what Bao-Thanh saidBack in 'Nam
Establish a bad relationship with McAdamsBad Attitude
See vision of Kelsey's deathBad Breakup
Help Terence with his problem, and get his help in returnBadaboomdingdang!
Complete "The Hangman" without texting Erica's dadBig Girl Now
Complete Act 3 of "The Hangman"Boston Tea Party
No one can get work done if you keep calling down to the officeBusy Work
Take the coffee from TessCaffeine Addict
Perform a character switch, starting somewhere outsideCan't Stay Out of the Office
Erica and Cordelia make a special connectionCog-nected
The interrogation subject is coerced into talkingDeadbeat Dad
Use the journal to get a hintDear Journal
All Q&A puzzles are answered incorrectlyDisgrace to the Bureau
Dive clear of the car in the parking lotDo A Barrel Roll!
Two women see art very differentlyEye of the Beholder
Ignore Terence's problem and find your own solutionFBI Itch
Save Jetta during the undercover operationFederal Protection
Use the camera to view all the numbers painted on the wallFilmed in Shakycam
Force Robert's interrogation, get Sully's help, let Robert go free.Good Cop/Bad Cop
Find all the evidence indicating the Dean's corruptionGreedy Bastard
Erica fails to save Scott from the trapGuilt-Ridden
All Q&A puzzles are correctly answered the first timeGumshoe
Complete Act 2 of "The Hangman"Hanged
Complete the Tess interrogationHear No Evil
Convince Robert to come to the station, get John's help, keep Robert in jailMcCoy, With a Donut, in the Jail
Couldn't protect a fellow agentMoves Like Bauer
Find the game within the gameNo Time For Games!
Successfully complete "The Hangman"Not A Witch
Complete Act 1 of "The Hangman"Only Reed Blood
Erica gets a close look at all the notable artPatron of the Arts
Say goodbye to DaviesPay Your Respects
Try to place the pen in all possible placesPenPointing
Sneak a peek in someone else's inboxPrivacy Violation
Open the puzzle boxSee No Evil
Use a divination device to get Melissa's helpSpeak No Evil
Fire at the car in the parking lotStand Your Ground
Find the SufferSuffer!
Protect a fellow agentTake That, Jack!
Never lose any of Keith's trust in the LakehouseThe Good Sister
Thoroughly use cognition to help Keith with his problemThe Right Tool for the Job
Complete all memories in the apartmentTrip Down Memory Lane
Refuse the coffee from TessTrying to Quit
Erica saves Scott from the trapWired

Contributed By: Guard Master.