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Saints Row IV


Hub Cheat Codes - Effects List

You can enter cheats by accessing the HUB menu, then the Extras menu, and finally the Cheats menu. Entering codes disables auto-saves and also will not allow you to earn any in-game Trophies or Achievements unless you load a save without the cheats enabled. You can enter any cheats below to access the corresponding effects.

ASCII modeascii
Big Head modebigheadmode
$100k instant cash in your pocket (can be used multiple times)cheese
Evil Car driving pedestrians attackevilcars
Fast Forward (time speeds up)fastforward
Heaven Bound (corpses rise into the air)fryhole
All of the dead bodies lying around start to raise up into the airfryhole
Spawn alien hover tankgivehovertank
Spawn XOR (alien hoverbike)givetrouble
Removes the Notoriety from you at any timegoodygoody
Pimps and Hos (pimps and prostitutes pedestrians)hohoho
Insane Cityinsanecity
Instant Warden Notorietyinstantwarden
Gives you a full load-out of randomized weaponsletsrock
Mascots (mascot pedestrians)mascot
Disable Glitch FXnoglitchcity
Disable Super Powersnosuperpowers
Disable Warden Spawnsnowardens
Repair current vehiclerepaircar
Your super-sprint doesn't exhaust your Staminarunfast
Super Blast is unlockedsuperblast
Buff is unlockedsuperbuff
Death from Above is unlockedsuperdfa
Stomp is unlockedsuperstomp
Telekinesis unlockedsupertk
Access is granted to all unlockablesunlockitall
Indestructible carsvroom

Contributed By: jeff4211992 and Escaphinie.