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Realm of the Mad God



UnlockableHow to Unlock
get to 5 PriestArcher
get to 20 Wizard and 20 RogueAssassin
get to 20 Archer and 20 RogueHuntress
get to 20 WarriorKnight
get to 20 Necromancer and 20 HuntressMystic
get to 20 Wizard and 20 PriestNecromancer
Level 20 Rogue and level 20 WarriorNinja
get to 20 Priest and 20 KnightPaladin
get to lvl 5 WizardPriest
get to 5 ArcherRogue
get to 20 Necromancer and 20 AssassinSorcerer
get to 20 Assassin and 20 PaladinTrickster
get to 5 RogueWarrior
starting classWizard

Contributed By: tony8669 and Zepicone.



First in a long line of heroesAncestor
Unlocked Mystic ClassBe Enigmatic
Unlocked Necromancer ClassBlack Magic
Completed over 13 Class QuestsBlue Star
Unlocked Warrior ClassCarry a Big Stick
More than 4 million tiles uncovered with a single characterCartographer
More than 1000 quests completed with a single characterDoer of Deeds
Unlocked Sorcerer ClassEnchanting
Defeated more than 100 gods with a single characterEnemy of the Gods
More than 1 million tiles uncovered with a single characterExplorer
Achieved fame of 1000 or moreFamous Ancestor
Unlocked Trickster ClassGet Tricky
More than 1000 party member level ups with a single characterLeader of Men
Unlocked Huntress ClassNo More Gathering
Achieved fame of 500Notable Ancestor
Unlocked Knight ClassOf Shining Armor
Unlocked Assassin ClassOn Your Mark
Completed over 39 Class QuestsOrange Star
Dealt Killing blow to OryxOryx Slayer
Unlocked Archer ClassQuivering
Completed over 26 Class QuestsRed Star
Defeated more than 1000 gods with a single characterSlayer of the Gods
More than 100 party member level ups with a single characterTeam Player
Reached Level 10The Halfway Level
Reached Level 20The Highest Level
Unlocked Paladin ClassThe Polymath
Completed every dungeon type with a single characterTunnel Rat
Unlocked Priest ClassVestaments
Unlocked Rogue ClassWalk Softly
Completed over 65 Class QuestsWhite Star
Completed over 52 Class QuestsYellow Star

Contributed By: tony8669.